Copy Cat | Pinks and Peaches

It’s been a while since I’ve found a look I want to copy cat but then I started trolling my Pinterest Boards and I found this cute look I had been meaning to work into a Friday sometime this summer.

Well… I made it just under the wire!


I wish my top was a little more orange to really bring out the brightness and contrast in colours… but you get the idea.

It’s still a bit cold and rainy today in Vancouver so I decided to wear my boots instead of nude or pink heels.



Blazer: H&M
Tank tops: H&M
Skinny Jeans: Garage
Boots: B2
Necklace: market
Watch: Bulova

You can check out more of my copy cat looks here.

Also, I take lots of style inspiration from the blog:
J’s Everyday Fashion

She does almost exclusively copy catting and has a great way of making each look her own.

Perhaps more importantly though, she does each look for affordable prices! LOVE THAT.

Have you ever tried copying a look you’ve found online or in magazine before?


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