My Chambray Dress |4 Ways to Get Away With Denim at Work

My Chambray Dress

So, the rules are usually pretty clear about wearing denim to work – it’s Fridays ladies. That’s pretty much it.

However, I’m pleased to announce that I found a loop-hole (well, actually 4):

My Favourite? The Chambray Dress.

Dressy? Yes.

Casual? Also Yes.

Work Appropriate? ummmm. I’m going to say yes (because I already wore it. See below for photo evidence).

Back to Wearing Denim to Work

For those denim addicted people like myself, you’ll first thank the fashion gods for giving us coloured and patterned denim trends of the last few seasons to spice up our life in a mommy-friendly, easy way.

At the same time, I’m here to tell you that I’ve found 4 acceptable ways to wear regular denim to work, and still look sharp (of course including my favourite Canadian Tuxedo look)

Why do we love it so much?

  • Durability of fabric
  • Super forgiving and structured (doesn’t show lumps and bumps)
  • It’s blue, but it’s neutral. Kinda magic.

So here are the 4 ways you can get away with denim it at work:

1. The Chambray Button Down or Tunic (and Trouser Jean)

Chambray is the perfect fabric for work because of its close enough to denim to feel familiar and comfortable/casual but it’s light enough in weight to also mimic a light blue pin stripe or corn flower blue type fabric you would see in formal work wear like button down shirts.


2. The Trouser Jean

* also see above photo

Also a sneaky yet perfect option for work that lands on my Top 10 Classic Pieces you need in your work wardrobe List.The trouser jean has the neutrality of denim with the formality of a dress pant. Also, substitute in a pair of trouser jeans for your ratty weekend jeans and it’s a great way to help your casual/brunch look on the weekend look polished.


3. The Dark Denim Jacket

It’s the essential outer wear addition to any closet in my opinion. Great on the weekend, in the fall, spring or summer when casual but it’s almost always a good fit with any work outfit as well. As long as you keep it classy (dark, no rips/tears or ACDC buttons) a dark denim jacket is good to go in any middle of the road corporate environment (read more about 3 ways to wear a denim jacket) . Here’s how I transitioned my summer dress to work:

 how to wear a denim jacket at work

4. The Chambray Shirt Dress

There are LOTS of chambray dresses out there but if you can find one (like I did) that is in a shirt dress shape, you add that extra work appeal that tips the balance in the favour of your work wardrobe. Here’s how I styled mine up for work the other day:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Are you able to wear denim to work?



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