Winter Frocks | How to Stay Girly in the Winter


What to Wear to Work in the Winter

Dresses are the best, but it can be difficult to transition all of your dresses into the colder seasons. Sometimes a good pair of opaque tights can do the trick but sometimes the print or fabric just doesn’t translate.

Never fear! You have options!

Winter Frocks

I’ve been hesitant in the past to invest in wool skirts or dresses because it’s clear that they’ll never be options in the spring & summer months. If at all possible I try to choose wardrobe items that translate to 2/3 scenarios (work, casual, fancy) and at  3/4 seasons if possible.

It’s all about the cost : per wear ratio  ($100 dress, worn 5 times a year = $20 per wear)

Winter skirts and dresses can have a little higher cost:wear ratio but they do have their good points:

  1. They’ll keep you warm
  2. You keep your girliness – since winter dresses and skirts are generally fitted, they are inherently feminine so you don’t need to look like a marshmallow at all times of the day. Who ever wants to look like a marshmallow?

Here’s my latest Winter Frock purchase from RW&Co. (unfortunately, I just purchased the dress but it seems like it may only be available in stores, not online)  :

Winter Dresses for Work

Dress: RW&Co. | Tights: Thyme Maternity (they are the best!) | Shoes: Fergalicious via The Bay

peter pan collars, gems


Winter Dresses with embellishments

Blonde pixie hair cut

Things to Remember about Winter Dresses and Skirts


Wool clothing can be extremely cozy and flattering but it can also be VERY uncomfortable if you pick a piece that is unlined. Remember to take a good look at the pieces you are thinking about buying and make sure they are high enough quality to have lining as part of the garment.

You May Need to Add Interest

As you may have guessed, many options for winter dresses and skirts come in black, grey and don’t forget… AND grey. So to keep things interesting, try picking something with:

  • a little sparkle in the fabric
  • embellishment (like the jewels on my collar above)
  • a neckline that would cooperate with a necklace or other accessories you own.

Hope you find what you are looking for!


Winter Frocks Elsewhere on the Web:



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