My Little Black Jacket

Ooooh I just love my new (faux) black leather jacket!

black leather moto jacket

Black Faux Leather Jacket: Vero Moda via Art Knapps ($59 + 15% off)

It’s especially sweet because I waited SO long to find the right style and fit that I could wear to work and on weekends. We’re talking 2 or more years and probably 30 jackets that I walked around a store with… and then put back because they weren’t just right.

Gotta up that “Cost-to-Wear Ratio” people!

Learn more about creating a wardrobe shopping list here so that you know what you want and buy it when you see it.

How to Style a Black Moto Jacket

There are so many ways to style a black moto jacket but here are 3 of my favourites:

  1. Pair with a bold pop of colour (like punch/coral) and skinny jeans
  2. Wear over a feminine dress
  3. Go all black and add texture/detailing (like sequins, metallics, studs, ribbing, etc.)

This week though, I decide to play up the edginess and contrast it with a softer top.





What’s your favourite thing to wear with black leather?


Other Black Leather Jacket Inspiration:


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