3 Ways to Make Navy Interesting Again

No matter how I try, I’m alway drawn back to navy. Perhaps it’s because I was a brunette for so many years but even as a blonde I can’t seem to shake the habit.

There’s nothing wrong with neutrals of course but even the best things in life can get a little boring.

So here are 3 ways I shake up NAVY to keep it interesting:

1. Add an unexpected metallic like GOLD


Most people would usually pair navy with silver because they are both cool tones. Instead, try something unexpected and do a chunky gold chain or even a warm animal print.



2. Pair it with a Bold Contrasting Colour

stiped salor top, red pants

I love a classic navy sailor stripe with coloured bottoms. Colored bottoms (especially red) may seem impractical at first if you aren’t used to it but they actually increase your wardrobe options exponentially. Click here to learn more about coloured bottoms.


short blonde pixie cut

3. Play with Textures


What makes an outfit interesting is…you guessed it… interest! Things that catch your eye.

Shine, colour and texture.
1 is good, 2 is better!

Hey wait! Isn’t that the same necklace from the last outfit?

YUP! Love my pearls!

multi-strand pearls

multi-strand pearls

When it comes to texture think pearls, leather, lazer cut outs, hardware like rivets/studs, beading, embroidery, lace… the list goes on.

That’s it for now!

Here are some of my favourite navy finds from around the web:

1. Isn’t She Bubbly Top| Modcloth

2. Patisserie Top | Modcloth

3. Exposed Zipper Dress | The Gap

4. All Sapphired Up Heel in Navy Suede | Chromatic Gallerie


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