How to get Longer Legs for Christmas (no surgery required)

If you are shorter like me (5″4) then you know all about the struggle to look taller.

Aside from risking your life teetering on 5 inch platform heels, what can one do?

Use some smoke and mirrors that’s what!

For years dancers have enlongated their leg line by using a simple trick… wearing nude coloured heels. By wearing a shoes that are the same colour as your legs you fool your eye into thinking that your legs stretch to the floor since there is no break point.

On the other hand, wearing a contrasting shoe colour makes your eye think that your leg ends where the shoe (or evil ankle strap) begins.

The beauty is that you can also re-create this look in the winter by pairing opaque tights in any colour to a similar coloured shoe.

Here are 3 ways I’ve worn this look including today (the green wrap dress) where I wore my new (pre-Christmas) gift to myself – my grey suede heels from Chromatic Gallerie.


I love my new shoes!


My “Graphite Club” heels are the perfect neutral and so comfortable, even at 4 inches.

For those that don’t know about Chromatic Gallerie, the basically picked the most comfortable and universally flattering round toe style, made it available in 3 heights (2,3 and 4 inch) and in over 100 colours and textures.

I also own their animal print “Once a Cheetah” heel in 3 inches (featured in my last post)…


Chromatic Gallerie Heel - 3 inches

..and their brown leather “Would you Rather” heel at 4 inches…


"Would You Rather" heel in 4 inches

…but my next purchase will be something a bit more adventurous. Julip Service perhaps?

Coincidentally, they are having a blow out mega-sale until Dec. 12th, 2013
ALL SHOES AT UNDER $39.99!!! (regular $88)

What are you waiting for?

I also love my new dark green wrap dress from Old Navy (also picked up at a mega sale for $15).


Old Navy Wrap Dress

I was a little hesitant to pick this one up in the stores because the quality looked a bit off but when I bought it online, it arrived perfectly untouched and unstretched, as can happen in stores.

Shop this look here.



Happy Shopping!



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