Copy Cat | Pink, Mustard and…

Pink, Mustard and… Leopard Print of course! What else?

Yes, I know it sounds like a colour combination only Elton John could love but when I saw my inspiration picture this week, something just clicked for me.

(Psst – my leopard print is in my belt)


Pink, Mustard and Leopard Print.

3 Reasons Why this Colour Combination Works:

1) In this case, the mustard AND leopard print act as neutrals because the mustard shade is pulled right from the print (just like brown and leopard print would act as neutrals). This means they don’t compete with the pink and allow it to pop.

2) The mustard and pink are the same hue/strength so they are harmonious as colours (like other jewel tones such as emerald, sapphire blue and ruby-red).

3) Depending what your eye is drawn to, the leopard print might also act as the feature item. With mustard and this pink being a similar hue and close on the colour wheel, it allows them to meld together and take a back seat to the dynamic print.

Of course… I can rationalize all day but colour combining is really about what appeals to you.

Be brave, take photos of yourself (yay selfies!) and see what works on you.

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3 thoughts on “Copy Cat | Pink, Mustard and…

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