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Little Black Dress, Signature Style

Wearing the Same Thing Everyday – Awesome? or Awful?


Now if you’re like me… and thrive on change, then this might not be the post for you.

That said, anyone that has ever been late to work because they wasted 45 min. trying to decide what to wear in the morning might just get something out of this.

So the question is whether self-imposed work uniforms are a cop-out or are they a relief that frees you up to make more important decisions? (Sounds a bit masochistic to me – just saying…)

We’re not exactly talking McDonald’s here but a little something more timeless, chic and consistent. Think… a crisp white button down, a form-skimming black sheath dress and gold jewelry or a coloured cardigan and pearls…but everyday.

I must say that there is something that appeals in having a signature look and taking all of the unnecessary thinking out of your wardrobe. It would certainly be cheaper!

[SIDE BAR – Did u know that President Obama has someone pick his clothes out for him everyday to avoid decision fatigue? Seriously! There really is something to those thousands of little decisions wearing you down.]

Now I want to hear from you!

Would you wear the same (or virtually the same thing) everyday?

Tell me your thoughts in the comments. Dying to know!

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I’ve had job interviews on the brain lately and I couldn’t help but take notice of these two looks feature by Jones New York in the March 2014 InStyle magazine.


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Accessories You Need | Majestical.com

There’s nothing cuter than some stand out jewelry to make your outfit POP!

It can be tough though to find good sources of sparkle and drama that don’t break the bank.

That’s why I love places like
Majestical Jewelry

#1 Huge selection of fashion, silver and gemstone jewelry ranging from simple and elegant to bold and funky.

#2 The prices are really reasonable. You can expect to pay an anywhere from $7-$20 for fashion earrings and and $12-40 for fashion necklaces (see the end of the post for some of my favourites).

Majestical sent me a sample of their fashion jewelry (see below) and I was super excited to try out these bold statement earrings.


Tortoise Shell Hoop Earrings ($9)

What I Loved?

They looked great with my mustard cardigan and another bold pop of red in my shoes. Plus, they were great quality.

The backings were solid and I could trust that once they were on, they wouldn’t be going anywhere (cheaper/loose backings are sometimes a problem with lower cost jewlery).



Earrings c/o Majestical
Cardigan | H&M
Top | AE Outfitters
Jeans | Garage
Shoes | Roberto Vianni
Bracelet | Plum Clothing


What I Didn’t Love?

The only thing was that aside from being a little heavy (not a big deal in exchange for quality) they seemed to be weighted a little off so that they don’t hang straight down. The hoops angle a bit backwards (look a little like they are falling out even though they aren’t) due to the weight of the metal element at the top.

Of course, you can’t really tell in the photos right?

And that’s the real test!

So check Majestical out and get regular updates on new pieces by following them them on:

Stop by and use the promo code 15DOLLARSOFF to get $15 off your purchase of $50 or more.


Get Disk Earrings

Painted Tribal Necklace & Earring Set

Chevron is Chic Set

Owl Band Bracelet

Thanks for stopping by!


3 Ways to Find your Style Inspiration

I’m a big believer that in order to find your style you have to:

a) Spend a little time

b) Know where to look for inspiration

It’s not always easy but if you find a look that lights you up inside it can feel really good AND save you money.

How you say?

Well, when you have a visual touch point for the looks you are drawn to you can easily make a shopping list for the things you want and stop wasting money on impulse purchases that fill you closet with nonsense.

How to Create a Shopping List

Here are my 3 favourite places to look for whole outfit ideas:

1) Pinterest

Pinterest is definitely multi-purpose. You can pin anything from recipes, interior design and crafting ideas to beautiful photos of places, animals and celebrities. Of course, it’s also a great place to capture and organize all of your beauty, hair and  style inspiration. Here are some of the things that have sparked for me on the site:

love this skirt!

Photo: laviepetite via Pinterest

Mint polka dot skirt, with neutrals

Photo: sundaycrossbow.blogspot.com via Pinterest


Photo: thepreppyhippy.tumbler.com via Pinterest

2) Go Chic or Go Home

I really love this site. It’s an excellent place to store photos of you own clothes, of yourself in favourite or daily outfits, and peruse the enormous variety of looks that other people post. The only “down-side” if you see it as one, is that you have to join the site and become a member to access the looks. Here are some my latest favourites:






3) Style Blogs

There’s nothing like great, down-to-earth style blogger to translate the latest styles into budget friendly, interesting looks. Here’s a list of my go-to blogs:

 Kendi Everyday

Kendi is probably one of the best known style bloggers out there and people follow her because she posts um…”everyday” (obviously) which keeps the inspiration coming. She’s got a talent for throwing together looks that range from casual to fancy in classic & elegant pieces that are super easy to mimic.

Photo: kendieveryday.com

Putting Me Together

What’s great about “Putting Me Together” is that Audrey shops at lower range places like Target and shows you exactly where to find the pieces (or pieces like) the ones she’s wearing. She’s also provide amazing instruction pieces like “1 piece – 3 ways” that really show you how to get mileage out of your wardrobe and rework all the pieces you have.

A lesson I’ve learned from Audrey? Coloured bottoms increase your wardrobe options exponentially.

Photo: puttingmetogether.com

   J’s Everyday Fashion

J’s blog is fantastic because she shows  you exactly how to translate photos that inspire you  into a look straight from your closet.

My one lesson from J? Inspiration photos are exactly that – inspiration. You don’t have to translate the look exactly.

  Gal Meets Glam

I love this blog because I just love San Francisco (used to live there for many years) and Julia always pushes the boundaries of style. She’s also not a stick model so she makes cool looks feel really accessible, no matter your size. Bold colours and unique touches keep me coming back.

Another lesson from Julia? The best way to make a whole look seem expensive is to invest expensive pieces in the following places: shoes, bags and sunglasses.

      Sunday Crossbow

This is a great blog because Emerald has such a unique sense of style. She’s got a bit of that edge I like and inspires me to hold onto that piece of myself, even in the workplace. The only downside is that you can’t follow her by email or Facebook, which are my favourites.

Old Navy Orange Stripes, Oscar De La Renta Floral Top


Loving these looks.  So many ideas… so little time! I hope you find your inspiration too!


Photo Credit (top of page): Torontoist.com