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Little Black Dress, Signature Style

Wearing the Same Thing Everyday – Awesome? or Awful?


Now if you’re like me… and thrive on change, then this might not be the post for you.

That said, anyone that has ever been late to work because they wasted 45 min. trying to decide what to wear in the morning might just get something out of this.

So the question is whether self-imposed work uniforms are a cop-out or are they a relief that frees you up to make more important decisions? (Sounds a bit masochistic to me – just saying…)

We’re not exactly talking McDonald’s here but a little something more timeless, chic and consistent. Think… a crisp white button down, a form-skimming black sheath dress and gold jewelry or a coloured cardigan and pearls…but everyday.

I must say that there is something that appeals in having a signature look and taking all of the unnecessary thinking out of your wardrobe. It would certainly be cheaper!

[SIDE BAR – Did u know that President Obama has someone pick his clothes out for him everyday to avoid decision fatigue? Seriously! There really is something to those thousands of little decisions wearing you down.]

Now I want to hear from you!

Would you wear the same (or virtually the same thing) everyday?

Tell me your thoughts in the comments. Dying to know!

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