Classic Accessories – My Top 10

So…accessories can be fun, but I often find that people become paralyzed when it comes to making choices in this department. It’s as if putting on accessories means you’re really ‘trying’ so if things don’t ‘go’ or look cool enough then it’s an epic fail and people round the world know how incompetent you are.

It’s like the saying…

“Keep your mouth shut and have people think you’re a fool…or open it and remove all doubt…”   (or something like that)

So – don’t fret. Here’s my beginner’s guide to accessories with my TOP 10 accessories you need to build your wardrobe foundation. Get these 10 in your closet and I promise you will look fabulous for at least 10 years down the line.

#1 – Diamond Stud Earings

I hardly take mine off. We’re not talking studs worth $1000s of dollars, just small simple ones that give a bit of a twinkle. Mine are small and I think they cost about $500. I really good think to request for Christmas/Birthday or something to save up for. Beautiful and simple. Fake ones just don’t really do the same thing.

#2 – A Long Pearl Necklace

This one can be fake…although, there are some strands that look WAY more fake than others. I love these because you can wear them long or create several loops depending on your neckline and they don’t have to be reserved for a sweater set.

#3 – Silver or Gold Cuff

Simple or ornate, i love how cuffs really make a both statement and complete the outfit. If your wrist is exposed then these will work. Dress… cardigan… blouse… you name it. It will go and it will say that you aren’t shy about what you like. The only thing I wouldn’t wear them with is a suit.

#4 – A CHUNKY POP necklace.

A pop necklace is one with dimension, texture and bold colour (like yellow, turquoise, red, etc.). If you’ve seen the “How to Put it Together” page… this would fall into the LOVE part of the formula and you would base the rest of your more basic pieces around it. The photo above is the perfect example.

LOVE the texture and colour of the necklace

+ SUPPORT with the complimentary colours of the green cardigan

+ COMPLETE with Jeans (trouser jeans of course) and a basic top


#5 – A Bold Patterned Scarf

This will do the same thing as the necklace, as long as it’s worn in a modern way (no Pan Am stewardesses please).

I love a scarf best with a sheath dress, a fitted leather jacket (above – see Rhianna) or a cap sleeved blouse/T. The above images show options for how to wear a scarf in a modern way.

#6 – A Pop Colour Bag

I can feel your fear. Almost every woman I know has the “I’ll buy it in black because it’ll go with everything” virus. Trust me… solid pop colours will also go with everything and are SO fun.

Take the pink bag for example – wear it with any neutral, pattern or other wise…you can also pair it with:

  • purples, greens, blues, yellows, oranges

…practically any colour aside from maybe red. If you happen to be wearing red – guess what? You use your grey purse below. Viola!

#7 – A Neutral Bag

If you’re going for multi-purpose, I would go for a grey bag – can be worn with blacks, browns, navy or any other colour. Start there and then try other neutrals. Another option for the BOLD is to go with an animal print, especially snake-skin. It makes a statement but it also acts as a neutral.

8. A Red High Heel

Love love love. It’s like a guy wearing fluorescent pink socks with his suit…except you’re a woman…and would be wearing red heels. Um, ya.

It’s just one of those semi unexpected things that communicates to everyone around you that a) you’re interesting and b) you like to take chances.  A couple of things to remember – to keep them Classic, keep the details and trendiness to a minimum. Simple & wearable. I would stick with pointy toe rather than round to keep you look mature (round toes can look a little party shoe-ish). Also, remember to keep the platform to a minimum. You don’t want people thinking you like to take chances…on a stripper pole in your evenings. Right?

#9 – Black Heels

This might be obvious but get yourself a cute pair that aren’t going to kill you. To keep them Classic, like above, avoid really trendy details like colour blocking or accents like studs that you might grow tired of. I really love a patent mary jane (above). Try them on with a skirt in the store so that you can be sure they work with skirts, dresses and pants. These should last you a long time.

And lastly…..

#10 – Brown, Leather Heeled Boots

One of the most versatile options you add to your wardrobe for sure. Great with most dresses and skirts and could also be worn with pants if need be, especially skinny ones. Keep them simple and sleek (avoid anything too country or too biker and definitely no thigh highs). Generally, brown boots are a bit more casual but would still work for a business casual environment. Just remember to invest in a good pair that has a leather upper. You won’t be fooling anyone with that man-made material and you’ll be kicking yourself a year down the line with the threads start showing.

Ok! That’s it for now. Happy Shopping Everyone!



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