The WWS Wardrobe Checklist

It’s always so tough to figure out what your closet is missing…isn’t it? Yet…you keep on shopping… and then a week later you still have nothing to wear. Hmm.

The problem is that you are shopping without a strategy or plan.

When you get to the mall or online or where ever you like to spend your $$$ it’s very easy to get swayed into buying something on sale or that randomly caught your eye. Soon though, you’ll have a closet full of things that caught your eye but no complete outfits.

That’s why you have nothing to wear!

So, here is my latest tool to help you on your quest for a super chic work wardrobe: Your Complete Work Wear Style Wardrobe Checklist

It has everything you need to analyze your wardrobe and find out what is truly missing. Try and check off as many boxes as you can and see how many/which items are missing from your closet. You may be closer to a complete wardrobe than you think ; )

Your Complete Work Wear Style Wardrobe Checklist

*keep in mind that this list is focused on a classic work wardrobe that will last you. All wardrobes have a little wiggle room to add a few trendy, edgy, modern or retro pieces to really amp up your style.

I hope it helps! Please let me know if you have any other suggestions or feedback on the list by completing this form:




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