COLOUR. Gotta love it… but it’s so easy to get into a 1 colour + neutral mode.

So how do you mix colour without looking like a clown?

  1. Don’t go colour crazy – keep your focus by mixing no more than 2 bold colours and a neutral (like grey, white, taupe, beige, black, brown, navy, or metallics).
  2. Try mixing similar hues – colours that are similar in saturation like a deep red and a saturated mustard yellow.
  3. Try mixing different hues of the same colour – a strong cobalt blue with a softer robin’s egg blue
  4. Pair colours together that are close (not opposite) on the colour wheel – like greens and blues… not blues and oranges.
  5. Follow this link to an article by ACADEMIchic on “How to Combine Colours”  , inspired by the colour wheel and the “2/3rd Rule” to learn more about how to be adventurous with colour.

And…. if you’re just too brain-tired to create your own combos…cheat a little and grab some motivation from my favourite colour combinations colour mix gallery  , from my colour in action gallery or from my personal attempts at colour mixing (slide show to come).


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