Buy Coloured Bottoms!

Even though I’m generally a Classic Style dresser, lately I have been learning to build more colour into my wardrobe and I can’t believe how much more fun I’m having! I started out with tops of course (because I felt that was the safest way to go…) but it wasn’t until I struck out and bought a green pencil skirt from Jacob and a red pair of trousers from the GAP (photos coming) that I my wardrobe options seemed to multiply.

Then,  I actually saw a blog post called  “The Importance of Coloured Bottoms” on the blog “Putting Me Together” that confirmed my suspicions and the mathematical certainty of my style hypothesis.

I love Audrey’s diagram, which I hope she doesn’t mind that I steal for  the sake of ease AND her brilliance : )

Check it out and witness how forgetting your bottom half can really short change your wardrobe. If you’re not a believer after this…then you can’t be helped! 🙂

Thanks Audrey!


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