Pretty “Up” Hair for Work

Work hair is one of the toughest things I think for women entering the workplace for the first time. When I was fresh out of university, my hair was long and completely devoid of style and personality let alone professionalism, like most women my age. Because of that, for the first 5 years on the job I basically kept my hair long and wore it in a low pony tail. I rarely, if ever, wore it down. Since then, I’ve found that keeping my hair short really works for me. I can change-up the style often and it makes me feel edgy and professional all in one. Gotta love that! Here is my latest makeover (July 2012):


That said… I do remember my long hair days and as I do think long hair does suit many women…even in their 30s and beyond, I wanted to put together some ideas for UP hair that looks pretty and professional.

Low, back swept or messy side bun…

High and low pony tails…

Half up – back swept, middle part, side part….

Remember… it’s just as important to have polished hair as it is to have polished clothes. Take the time in the morning so it looks like your do is purposeful and not a by-product of laziness or rushed mornings.

Good luck!



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