Create a Shopping List


From experience I’ve learned that it’s far too easy to blow all your cash on lame fashion purchases that jump up and grab you when you least expect it like…

  • $80 in jeans (when I already have 6 pairs)
  • $60 in cheap summer dresses that were way too young for me and wouldn’t also work for the workplace
  • $50 on another pair of brown heels I didn’t need because they were on sale and not totally offensive
  • $75  on basic t-shirts and sweaters that are a total snooze fest

…and on and on. You’ve done it too right?

What I’ve found is the best cure-all for this affliction is to keep a running shopping list so  you don’t get distracted.

YES!  Just like the grocery store.

Write down exactly what’s missing in your closet so that when you see it in a store, you’ll know you’ve found a treasure and can be reassured that you’ve spent your precious dollar bills wisely.

Here is my current shopping list that I’ll update as we go forward. (Crossed out items will be ones that I’ve located and purchased).

  • Trouser Jeans – June 2012 (The Gap Outlet $12.50)
  • Coloured Pencil Skirt – June 2012 (Jacob $29.95)
  • Red Flats – May 2012 (Naturalizer – $85)
  • Feminine Blouses – May – June 2012 (H&M $15), Banana Republic Outlet $25, Jacob $29.95, Smart Set $19.95)
  • Olive Shirt Dress
  • Red or Pink Wrap Dress   Aug 2012 – (Plum – $110) Blue patterned wrap dress
  • Light Blue or Cobalt Blue Shift Dress – October 2012 (Landsend – ~$60) Punch Coloured Shift Dress 
  • Nude Closed Toe Heels- October 2012 (Freedman Shoes ~$60) Nine West Cressy
  • Leopard Print Flats (mine are wearing out)
  • Red Closed Toe Heels – December 2012 (Freedman’s)
  • Red / Turquoise Chunky NecklaceAug 2012 – made my own (Michaels Craft store)
  • Wooden Earings – bought them in Mexico….then lost them in Mexico (*sigh*) November 2012
  • Coloured Trench – – Red Trench from H&M August 2012
  • Yellow Chunky Necklace
  • Replacement Silver Flats (mine are worn out)
  • Chiffon Skirt in Red
  • Replacement Black leather waist belt (mine is worn out)

REMEMBER – You don’t have to check everything off you list at once!

This is a marathon…not a sprint. Add things you really love (I find tons of inspiration from other style bloggers and Pinterest) and have fun hunting all of the items down over time. You’ll actually end up with a wardrobe that is useful and reflective of your personality rather than a closet full of cheap bargains and impulse purchases you’ll never love or wear.



3 thoughts on “Create a Shopping List

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