Why Care About What You Wear to Work?

After avoiding the unforgivable work wear faux pas….. there is that grey area that says: Yes I showed up to work today and managed to put together the basic pants and shirt combination that I learned when I was in pre-school. I managed to put on the essential undergarments and my hair isn’t so bad that someone might do a double take.

But is that it? Is that really you? 

You know you can do better. But why should you have to? We all hope (or…at least most of us hope) that the awesome work we do speaks for itself. But when everyone and their dog has a Masters Degree and tons of experience, you really need every advantage on your side to get the edge.

Just as an example, check out this before and after of Eileen who was on What Not to Wear. Only 29 years, old, her drab style made her look at least 10-15  years older and just out of touch in general. A sharp new haircut and modern clothes changed her entire image.

Read more about Eileen’s transformation at on the “What Not to Wear” Webpage

A 2009 study talks about this edge. In the study, participants were asked to rate 6 individuals dressed in ‘business attire’ (3 dressed attractively and 3 dressed in an unattractive manner)  on their perceived competence, work comfort and sociability. The study showed that

“…models dressed in attractive clothing were perceived more positively than models dressed in unattractive clothing on each of the three dependent variables. These results provide some support for a clothing attractiveness stereotype that may function analogously to the well-documented physical attractiveness stereotype.”

In short, it  (along with several other studies) have demonstrated that not only do more physically attractive people seem to have the edge when it comes to interviews or promotions but also the way we dress or present ourselves also makes an impact  on how competent and approachable people perceive us to be.

So part of it is knowing how to play up your best features but ‘attractiveness’ is also about self-confidence and knowing who you are as a person.

THIS is what you can demonstrate through your own personal style as you come to understand it.

What I’ve discovered is that like most things…it takes a major life change in order to shake you up and realize that you should spend more time and energy on yourself. For me, it was becoming a mother. I knew right away that if I didn’t find some way to get back in touch with and STAY in touch with who I was…then I was in big trouble. As a mom, you’re taught subconsciously that sacrifice and self-deprivation are the highest achievements. Unfortunately, what most women won’t tell you is that losing yourself is like taking a grenade to your marriage….and the destruction zone may include your career too if you’re not careful.

Point is, aside from the above, it simply FEELS good to look good and more importantly…look like you.

I hope you get inspired by this blog to make some fun changes!

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2 thoughts on “Why Care About What You Wear to Work?

  1. A lot of times my friends or coworkers will comment on how I look “fancy” (in a simple dress and wedges… ) or ask where I’m going… but the truth is, I’m not headed anywhere special, it just feels good to dress up and take spend time on myself! It really takes no longer to throw on a dress than it does to put on jeans, so why wouldn’t I opt for something that makes me feel more confident and pulled together?

    By the way, I LOVE What Not To Wear 🙂

    • Hi Megan! I totally agree. It doesn’t take any more time to throw on a dress. That’s why I love them so much. Keep on dressing to make yourself feel good. Your co-workers don’t know what they are missing.
      PS. Did you hear “What NotTo Wear” is going off the air? So sad : (

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