About This Blog

Hi Everyone!

This blog is all about staying on top of your work wear wardrobe and learning how your ability (or inability as it were…) to dress appropriately and perhaps stylishly for your work environment can impact your success on the corporate ladder.

In the not so distant past I had an epiphany – my work wear style (think college freshman) was seriously kicking my chance for promotion in the face. It dawned on me  (via a semi-awkward conversation with my boss) that despite my irresistable charm and work horse ethics, I was limiting my ability to progress professionally because I didn’t look like I could play the part.

Hmmmm. BOING!

People trust you and your abilities if you look trust worthy.

Now… that’s not to say that a college freshman isn’t trustworthy… but let’s just say it – people like people who look polished and put together because:

  • they seem more confident
  • they seem to know themselves better (and therefore seem more mature)
  • they appear more attractive (and people equate attractiveness with intelligence and trustworthiness)
  • they will represent the company well, especially on first impression.

That’s why I decided to start this blog. I’ve personally witnessed the impact of changing my work wear style on my career trajectory and I want to pass on anything I can to people looking to up their style game at work.

I hope you enjoy my posts and feel free to share any tips or tricks you’ve learned along the way as well!



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